House Cleaning Service Prices in Chicago area

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House Cleaning Service Prices in Chicago area

The prices below are relative to your estimate of the basic house cleaning service cost. You may choose the full package or specific services, for discounted price (this discount does not apply to the Basic house cleaning service package).

Basic House Cleaning Service Price Package includes:

Premium House Cleaning Service Price Package includes:

Deluxe House Cleaning Service Price Package includes:

For every dollar of estimated Basic House Cleaning Service, the full Premium package cost is approximately $2, and $3 for Deluxe. For example, if Basic price package is estimated at $100, then full Premium is $200 and full Deluxe is $300. This is due to the amount, type and time requirements of the additional work involved. Prices include cleaning supplies and are valid for Chicago area house cleaning services only.

Packaging and pricing of our house cleaning services is presented here as a guide only.You do not have to choose a full package. You may choose individual house cleaning services from lists above. Please note that first visit is usually double the regular price for the full Basic House Cleaning Service package, 1.5 times the regular price for Premium and 1.5 times the regular price for Deluxe House Cleaning Service package. If you choose specific services from the lists above, your first-visit price will vary depending on your choice of house cleaning service.

Post-construction cleaning cost is usually equal to the Deluxe house cleaning service price package cost and requires an estimate. Estimates may be provided over email with your detailed description of the property and and desired house cleaning services.

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"This is definitely a cleaning company I would recommend. We use them for both our house and medical office and they do a great job"
--Melissa C., Wilmette
"I wanted to thank Sweeping Fairy workers for outstanding service, you made our holidays so much more enjoyable."
--Cindy W., Highland Park
"Iryna cleaned our house even before she and her husband started their cleaning company and the Sweeping Fairy website. I still receive great service even though Iryna is not always personally available for the cleaning work. Thanks! "
--Sheila and David G., Chicago
"Last week Iryna found my gold chain while cleaning behind the radiator and gave it to me! I thought I lost it months ago. Thank you very much for being an honest person."
--Barbara W., Glenview